Monza, Italy
  • Round Number: 9
  • Location: Monza, Italy
  • Dates: 13th -14th September 2014

The very fast Monza circuit will host the Italian GP, ninth round of the 2014 FSR season.

The team has great memories from the mythical venue, taking several victories in World Series Ace, World Series Advanced and World Series Amateur in previous seasons.

Round Review

Mikko climbs again through the field to finish 5th

In the World Championship, Patrick De Wit had to retire following a very strong Qualifying. After running 6th in the first 11 laps, a minor moment under braking got him under attack by a competitor, who turned into the second chicane as if he was alone on track and collided with Patrick's FTS-P14. Marcel van der Linden drove an excellent first stint, even leading the GP for a full lap before making his pitstop. Unfortunately, a stop-and-go penalty for speeding in the pitlane compromised his chances, although he was still in the race for points. However, Marcel had to retire soon after, through no fault of his own.

In the Ace division, and after falling to the last places in the first lap of the feature race, Norbert Leitner had a great recovery drive to climb up to 7th by the finish line, taking the fastest lap of the race in the process. Spaniard Guillermo Prieto, who made his FSR debut, drove a very solid first race on his way to finishing 9th. Thomas Mundy had to retire due to technical issues with his throttle pedal.
In the sprint race, Norbert Leitner unfortunately had a bad start off the line from 2nd, dropping all the way down to 12th. In a very close field, he finished in 9th place, despite crossing the line just 5 seconds behind the brilliant race winner Van der Niet. Guillermo Prieto took a few points home in 18th, while Thomas Mundy and Giuseppe Marconi, who missed the feature race due to technical problems, retired victims of the start incidents.

In the Pro division, after having to go off-track in the first corner and dropping to 19th place, Mikko Suokas drove another great recovery race, having a very strong long stint on soft tyres to climb up to 5th place at the finish!
Mikko has moved up to 2nd on the driver standings, behind newly crowned champion Klop. The team is currently 3rd on the standings.

FSR World Championship Results
Driver Qual Pos Race Pos Points Total Pts
Patrick De Wit
Q1: 6 (1:23.241)
Q2: 7 (1:23.616)
Accident (L14)
FL: 22 (1:27.423)
0 2
Marcel van der Linden
Q1: 15 (1:23.755)
Q2: No time (K.O.)
DNF (L27)
FL: 17 (1:26.170)
0 8
FSR Ace Results
Driver Qual Pos Race Pos Points Total Pts
Thomas Mundy
(FTS Ace)
Q1: 18 (1:24.009)
Q2: No time (K.O.)
Technical (L19)
FL: 18 (1:27.417)
0 68
Norbert Leitner
(FTS Ace)
Q1: 15 (1:23.835)
Q2: No time (K.O.)
7 (+45.193)
FL: 1 (1:24.307)
16 164
Guillermo Prieto
(FTS Ace Panthers)
Q1: 17 (1:23.998)
Q2: No time (K.O.)
9 (+50.398)
FL: 5 (1:25.002)
12 12
Thomas Mundy
(FTS Ace)
16 (Sprint race) Accident (L1)
FL: No time
0 68
Norbert Leitner
(FTS Ace)
2 (Sprint race) 9 (+5.258)
FL: 10 (1:25.462)
6 170
Giuseppe Marconi
(FTS Ace Panthers)
24 (Sprint race) Accident (L2)
FL: 22 (1:53.875)
0 51
Guillermo Prieto
(FTS Ace Panthers)
9 (Sprint race) 18 (+ 1 Lap - DNF)
FL: 9 (1:25.369)
5 17
FSR Pro Results
Driver Qual Pos Race Pos Points Total Pts
Mikko Suokas
(FTS Pro)
PQ: Top 10
Q1: 5 (1:23.358)
Q2: 8 (1:23.788)
5 (+33.537)
FL: 8 (1:26.064)
22 234
Round Gallery
Italy: Marcel takes a slipstream off Saxen… (1/2)Italy: …and passes him round the outside into Turn 1! (2/2)Italy: Patrick has a moment under braking while defending 6th from Brljak… (1/4)Italy: …who makes a dive and turns into the corner as if he was alone… (2/4)Italy: …causing contact and Patrick's FTS-P14 to fly over the kerbing (3/4)Italy: Lots of contact caused by Brljak's collision (4/4)Italy: Before making his stop, Marcel leads the Italian GP for FTS!