Indinapolis, United States
  • Round Number: 8
  • Location: Indinapolis, United States
  • Dates: 30th - 31st August 2014

The famous Indianapolis circuit will host the 8th round of the 2014 FSR season. Indianapolis will be making its return to the FSR calendar after several seasons, having last hosted the United States GP in 2007.

The team's last success at the venue was a World Series Amateur victory back in 2005.

Round Review

Mikko shines to climb from the back of the grid to the podium!

In the World Championship, Patrick De Wit had a tough race, suffering technical issues in Q1 and struggling with a damaged car from the opening lap incidents throughout the race. He managed to nurse the car home in 12th place.
Marcel van der Linden, meanwhile, retired after being involved in the startline incident.

In the Ace division, the team had a tough Saturday. Norbert Leitner unfortunately retired from the feature race as a consequence of a lag-induced incident, ending his strong race. Thomas Mundy also retired early after doing a great start on the harder tyre compound.
In the sprint race, Norbert Leitner recovered from a difficult start to save FTS' only points of the day, by finishing in 11th place, while Thomas Mundy's race ended prematurely.

In the Pro division, what a brilliant drive it was from Mikko Suokas! After reporting his own Q1 lap for an accidental cut, he started from the back of the grid as a consequence. From there, he drove a fantastic race, with a perfectly executed strategy, making lots of overtaking moves at the right times to climb to 3rd place at the checkered flag! From the back to 3rd to take his third podium in the last four races! Hats off!
Team-mate Guglielmo Matti had a difficult race and had to retire early.
Both Mikko and the team are currently in 3rd place on the standings.

FSR World Championship Results
Driver Qual Pos Race Pos Points Total Pts
Patrick De Wit
Q1: 15 (1:11.441)
Q2: No time (K.O.)
12 (+2 Laps)
FL: 3 (1:11.885)
0 2
Marcel van der Linden
Q1: 14 (1:11.325)
Q2: No time (K.O.)
Accident (L5)
FL: 21 (1:16.298)
0 8
FSR Ace Results
Driver Qual Pos Race Pos Points Total Pts
Thomas Mundy
(FTS Ace)
Q1: 11 (1:11.960)
Q2: No time (K.O.)
Accident (L9)
FL: 16 (1:14.550)
0 68
Norbert Leitner
(FTS Ace)
Q1: 7 (1:11.256)
Q2: 9 (1:11.858)
Accident (L20)
FL: 14 (1:14.018)
0 143
Thomas Mundy
(FTS Ace)
16 (Sprint race) Accident (L5)
FL: 12 (1:13.632)
0 68
Norbert Leitner
(FTS Ace)
14 (Sprint race) 11 (+37.603)
FL: 3 (1:12.348)
5 148
FSR Pro Results
Driver Qual Pos Race Pos Points Total Pts
Guglielmo Matti
(FTS Pro)
PQ: 6 (1:11.295)
Q1: 16 (1:11.816)
Q2: No time (K.O.)
Spin (L19)
FL: 20 (1:14.013)
0 41
Mikko Suokas
(FTS Pro)
PQ: Top 10
Q1: 22 (Penalty)
Q2: No time (K.O.)
3 (+31.209)
FL: 6 (1:12.790)
32 212
Round Gallery
Indianapolis: Marcel and Patrick lining up on the gridIndianapolis: Patrick battling with Kalamees, Masciulli and LeppalaIndianapolis: Patrick closes in on Kalamees… (1/3)Indianapolis: …gets ready to make a move… (2/3)Indianapolis: …and takes the position into Turn 1! (3/3)Indianapolis: Mikko shines to climb to the podium after starting from the back of the grid!