Hockenheim, Germany
  • Round Number: 7
  • Location: Hockenheim, Germany
  • Dates: 16th - 17th August 2014

Starting the second half of the 2014 FSR season, the historic Hockenheim circuit will host the German GP, round 7 of the season. FSR will be making its return to Hockenheim for the first time since 2010, with Nurburgring hosting the GP in recent seasons.

Hockenheim was the venue of the team's second World Championship podium back in 2003.

Round Review

An unlucky weekend for FTS

In the World Championship, Marcel van der Linden's strong race, which saw him running as high as 4th in the first stint, was compromised when he was hit at the hairpin at halfway distance, losing several seconds. With a damaged FTS-P14, he recovered to fight for the final point in the closing laps, but after making contact with another driver who left him no room, he had to settle for 12th place. The final incident eventually cost him several points as it caused Marcel to be lapped by the leader. Should he have finished in the lead lap, he would have been classified 8th due to post-race penalties to other drivers for cutting.
Patrick De Wit, meanwhile, had a tough race, which ended when he lost control of his car on the stadium section. He will be left wondering what could have been after climbing 11 places on the opening lap of the original red-flagged start.

In the Ace division, Norbert Leitner endured a tough feature race after being hit by another driver. He managed to save a few points by finishing 11th. Thomas Mundy retired on the opening lap as a consequence of a start incident.
In the sprint race, Norbert Leitner drove a very strong race, finishing in 5th place. Thomas Mundy, meanwhile, drove a solid race starting from the pitlane to finish in 10th position, setting the fastest lap of the race in the process.

In the Pro division, Mikko Suokas had a difficult eventful race, with a likely podium finish lost after several mishaps. While contact with another driver and a minor off-track excursion cost him a few seconds, being unable to avoid a stricken car across the track ended his chances. After an unscheduled stop for a new front wing, Mikko saved some important points by finishing 7th.
Guglielmo Matti, meanwhile, had a very tough race, but managed to nurse a damaged car home in 16th.
The team remains 3rd on the team standings.

FSR World Championship Results
Driver Qual Pos Race Pos Points Total Pts
Patrick De Wit
Q1: 21 (1:16.703)
Q2: No time (K.O.)
Accident (L34)
FL: 19 (1:19.839)
0 2
Marcel van der Linden
Q1: 12 (1:16.004)
Q2: No time (K.O.)
12 (+1 Lap)
FL: 5 (1:17.726)
0 8
FSR Ace Results
Driver Qual Pos Race Pos Points Total Pts
Thomas Mundy
(FTS Ace)
Q1: 11 (1:16.418)
Q2: No time (K.O.)
Accident (L1)
FL: No time
0 63
Norbert Leitner
(FTS Ace)
Q1: 8 (1:16.126)
Q2: 8 (1:17.491)
11 (+2 Laps)
FL: 8 (1:18.508)
10 132
Thomas Mundy
(FTS Ace)
18 (Sprint race) 10 (+39.870)
FL: 1 (1:17.413)
5 68
Norbert Leitner
(FTS Ace)
12 (Sprint race) 5 (+13.211)
FL: 12 (1:18.691)
11 143
FSR Pro Results
Driver Qual Pos Race Pos Points Total Pts
Guglielmo Matti
(FTS Pro)
Q1: 18 (1:17.720)
Q2: No time (K.O.)
16 (+4 Laps)
FL: 14 (1:18.788)
10 41
Mikko Suokas
(FTS Pro)
Q1: 6 (1:16.296)
Q2: 7 (1:16.351)
7 (+1:08.530)
FL: 10 (1:18.535)
16 180
Round Gallery
Germany: Patrick makes a move on Simon into the hairpin which would end in contact as Simon steered left into Patrick's carGermany: Marcel running as high as 4th and fighting with Toman in the first stintGermany: Marcel opens the DRS behind Saxen… (1/2)Germany: …and he completes the pass into the hairpin! (2/2)Germany: Patrick loses control of his car and despite locking up… (1/2)Germany: …his German GP ends prematurely (2/2)Germany: Marcel battling with Saxen… (1/3)Germany: …but they make contact as Saxen pushes him wide… (2/3)Germany: …and Marcel takes off on the runoff area! (3/3)