Montreal, Canada
  • Round Number: 5
  • Location: Montreal, Canada
  • Dates: 14th - 15th June 2014

The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, located at the Île Notre-Dame, in the city of Montreal, will host the Canadian GP, round 5 of the 2014 FSR season.

Faster Than Speed enjoyed great success at the street circuit in past seasons, with the team taking its maiden WC Pole Position at the venue, plus several victories and even 1-2 finishes in the World Series divisions.

Round Review

Mikko takes first podium in a bittersweet weekend

The World Championship race was a huge missed opportunity for Marcel van der Linden, as his great comeback race from the back of the field ended when Dino Paolini crashed into the back of his car as he attempted to enter the pitlane without braking for the final chicane. A frustrating end for a race where Marcel could have fought for a podium finish.
Patrick De Wit also had to start from the back of the grid as the WC Race Director denied the team's request to put his penalty on hold, despite it being under appeal at the Court of Appeal. His race was very short, ending on the opening lap after an incident.

In the Ace division, Norbert Leitner's great performance in the feature race was severely compromised when he was hit from behind in the opening laps after qualifying in 3rd place. Despite the damage and an extra stop, Norbert drove a great comeback race to finish 8th and secure pole for the sprint race. Thomas Mundy and Giuseppe Marconi had tough action-packed races on their way to 11th and 12th places respectively.
In the sprint race, Norbert dominated the first half from pole, before pitting for fresh super softs. With the benefit of hindsight, the strategy did not work and struggling in traffic, Norbert finished in 8th place. Thomas finished in 10th place, while Giuseppe crossed the line in 12th.
Showing the team's potential and what it could have been, Norbert set the fastest lap in both the feature and sprint races, while Thomas was also the 2nd fastest car in the sprint race.

In the Pro division, Mikko Suokas drove another perfect race to take his first podium of the season! While having to wait in queue in his pitstop cost him solid chances of victory, it was a great performance from the FTS driver, who finished 3rd, right behind Klop and Boshove. Guglielmo Matti had a tough race after an incident, but still managed to nurse a damaged car home in 16th place. The team remains 3rd in the standings.

FSR World Championship Results
Driver Qual Pos Race Pos Points Total Pts
Patrick De Wit
Q1: 23 (Penalty)
Q2: No time
Accident (L1)
FL: No time
0 2
Marcel van der Linden
Q1: 24 (Penalty)
Q2: No time
Accident (L22)
FL: 15 (1:20.089)
0 8
FSR Ace Results
Driver Qual Pos Race Pos Points Total Pts
Thomas Mundy
(FTS Ace)
Q1: 9 (1:17.647)
Q2: 7 (1:18.122)
11 (+1 Lap)
FL: 14 (1:20.278)
10 58
Norbert Leitner
(FTS Ace)
Q1: 7 (1:17.546)
Q2: 3 (1:17.616)
8 (+1:12.222)
FL: 1 (1:19.000)
14 84
Giuseppe Marconi
(FTS Ace Panthers)
Q1: 17 (1:19.394)
Q2: No time (K.O.)
12 (+2 Laps)
FL: 18 (1:21.659)
10 41
Thomas Mundy
(FTS Ace)
11 (Sprint race) 10 (+30.758)
FL: 2 (1:19.264)
5 63
Norbert Leitner
(FTS Ace)
1 (Sprint race) 8 (+18.134)
FL: 1 (1:18.930)
7 91
Giuseppe Marconi
(FTS Ace Panthers)
12 (Sprint race) 12 (+46.579)
FL: 15 (1:20.719)
5 46
FSR Pro Results
Driver Qual Pos Race Pos Points Total Pts
Guglielmo Matti
(FTS Pro)
PQ: 4 (1:17.700)
Q1: 9 (1:17.827)
Q2: 9 (1:18.498)
16 (+1 Lap)
FL: 17 (1:20.373)
10 31
Mikko Suokas
(FTS Pro)
PQ: Top 10
Q1: 3 (1:17.452)
Q2: 7 (1:18.050)
3 (+7.463)
FL: 7 (1:17.497)
32 114
Round Gallery
Canada: Patrick and Marcel ready to start the race at MontrealCanada: Marcel passes Martín into the hairpinCanada: Marcel overtakes Paolini… (1/2)Canada: …but the German does not brake as he attempts to enter the pits, and ends Marcel's race (2/2)Canada (Ace): Norbert starts the sprint race from Pole Position!Canada (Ace): Norbert leads the field into Turn 2Canada (Pro): Mikko takes his first podium at Montreal!