Shanghai, China
  • Round Number: 3
  • Location: Shanghai, China
  • Dates: 17th - 18th May 2014

The Shanghai International Circuit will host the third race of the 2014 season, the Chinese GP.

Round Review

Patrick scores his first points of the season

In the World Championship, Patrick De Wit took his first points of the season after a difficult Qualifying, finishing a solid race in 9th place. On lap 16, Patrick gained an entry as a candidate for the overtaking move of the season, as he passed both Keithley and Cabo through the outside into turn 1 simultaneously!
Marcel van der Linden was also looking strong for a point-scoring result, although a minor error before his last stop left him in 11th place at the finish.

In the Ace division, Faster Than Speed took 6 point-scoring finishes home, despite a difficult Saturday. Norbert Leitner, Thomas Mundy and Giuseppe Marconi finished the feature race in 12th, 14th and 16th places respectively.
In the sprint race, Norbert Leitner finished 10th, Thomas Mundy was 12th, setting the fastest lap of the race, while Giuseppe Marconi finished 13th.

In the Pro division, Mikko Suokas drove another excellent race, finishing in 5th place, after putting in heavy pressure on Boshove for 4th in the final laps. The team remains 3rd in the standings.

FSR World Championship Results
Driver Qual Pos Race Pos Points Total Pts
Patrick De Wit
Q1: 18 (1:37.411)
Q2: No time (K.O.)
9 (+1:06.711)
FL: 5 (1:38.604)
2 2
Marcel van der Linden
Q1: 16 (1:36.991)
Q2: No time (K.O.)
11 (+1:33.845)
FL: 12 (1:39.632)
0 8
FSR Ace Results
Driver Qual Pos Race Pos Points Total Pts
Thomas Mundy
(FTS Ace)
Q1: 13 (1:37.986)
Q2: No time (K.O.)
14 (+1:30.213)
FL: 10 (1:40.070)
10 33
Norbert Leitner
(FTS Ace)
Q1: 7 (1:36.887)
Q2: 6 (1:36.992)
12 (+59.261)
FL: 8 (1:39.800)
10 60
Giuseppe Marconi
(FTS Ace Panthers)
Q1: 16 (1:38.782)
Q2: No time (K.O.)
16 (+1 Lap)
FL: 19 (1:42.056)
10 26
Thomas Mundy
(FTS Ace)
14 (Sprint race) 12 (+1:06.190)
FL: 1 (1:38.750)
5 38
Norbert Leitner
(FTS Ace)
12 (Sprint race) 10 (+35.565)
FL: 11 (1:39.754)
5 65
Giuseppe Marconi
(FTS Ace Panthers)
16 (Sprint race) 13 (+1:08.332)
FL: 14 (1:40.381)
5 31
FSR Pro Results
Driver Qual Pos Race Pos Points Total Pts
Mikko Suokas
(FTS Pro)
PQ: Top 10
Q1: 4 (1:37.198)
Q2: 5 (1:37.175)
5 (+25.210)
FL: 2 (1:39.053)
22 60
Round Gallery
China: Tight team-battle between Patrick and MarcelChina: Marcel overtakes Saxen into the hairpin!China: Patrick pulls off a nice inside move on Disley!China: Patrick goes three-wide into Turn 1… (1/3)China: …goes round the outside of Keithley and Cabo… (2/3)China: …and passes both simultaneously! What a move! (3/3)China: Patrick passes Martin into the final turn… (1/2)China: …and they make contact as Martin slides over the kerb (2/2)China: Patrick makes a move on Kolarec into Turn 1China: Patrick overtakes Boshove