FTS 2014 Race Pictures
Bahrain: Patrick onboard the FTS-P14 at SakhirBahrain: Minor contact between Marcel and Leppala as they go three-wide into Turn 1Bahrain: Huis makes contact with PatrickBahrain: Marcel attempts to overtake Brljak, who taps Marcel's rear wheelBahrain: Patrick and Marcel leading Keithley with 10 laps to goBahrain: Marcel passes team-mate Patrick into Turn 1Bahrain: Patrick loses the rear and is taken out by Keithley from behindBahrain: Marcel finishes 6th on his FTS debut!Bahrain (Ace): Norbert starts the sprint race from Pole Position!Bahrain (Ace): Norbert wins the Sakhir sprint race for FTS! Chapeau!Malaysia: Patrick completes the move on Parisis into Turn 1!Malaysia: Patrick overtaking Brljak in the main straightMalaysia: Patrick makes a move on Parisis into Turn 1Malaysia: Patrick takes slipstream from Keithley… (1/2)Malaysia: …and makes it stick before Turn 1! (2/2)Malaysia: Patrick passes Brljak into the hairpin for 5th place!Malaysia: Heartbraking engine failure leaves Patrick without a well deserved resultChina: Tight team-battle between Patrick and MarcelChina: Marcel overtakes Saxen into the hairpin!China: Patrick pulls off a nice inside move on Disley!China: Patrick goes three-wide into Turn 1… (1/3)China: …goes round the outside of Keithley and Cabo… (2/3)China: …and passes both simultaneously! What a move! (3/3)China: Patrick passes Martin into the final turn… (1/2)China: …and they make contact as Martin slides over the kerb (2/2)China: Patrick makes a move on Kolarec into Turn 1China: Patrick overtakes BoshoveSan Marino: Patrick really attacking the kerbs on Variante Alta on his Q2 lapSan Marino: Klop's front right tyre tangles with Patrick's rear left… (1/2)San Marino: …and it's race over for Patrick (2/2)Canada: Patrick and Marcel ready to start the race at MontrealCanada: Marcel passes Martín into the hairpinCanada: Marcel overtakes Paolini… (1/2)Canada: …but the German does not brake as he attempts to enter the pits, and ends Marcel's race (2/2)Canada (Ace): Norbert starts the sprint race from Pole Position!Canada (Ace): Norbert leads the field into Turn 2Canada (Pro): Mikko takes his first podium at Montreal!Great Britain: Norbert and Marcel at the start of the Silverstone raceGreat Britain: Marcel overtakes Gosbee!Great Britain: Norbert passes Gosbee into Stowe as Marcel attacks RodriguezGreat Britain: Norbert completes the pass on Gosbee, with Marcel just aheadGreat Britain: Marcel makes a move on Rodriguez. The battle would end up badly, with Rodriguez hitting Marcel and causing his retirementGreat Britain (Pro): Mikko takes his first pole of the season!Great Britain (Pro): Mikko leads the field into Turn 1!Great Britain (Pro): Mikko leads going into the final turn of the race, right ahead of Klop… (1/2)Great Britain (Pro): …and takes his maiden FSR victory! Brilliant! (2/2)Germany: Patrick makes a move on Simon into the hairpin which would end in contact as Simon steered left into Patrick's carGermany: Marcel running as high as 4th and fighting with Toman in the first stintGermany: Marcel opens the DRS behind Saxen… (1/2)Germany: …and he completes the pass into the hairpin! (2/2)Germany: Patrick loses control of his car and despite locking up… (1/2)Germany: …his German GP ends prematurely (2/2)Germany: Marcel battling with Saxen… (1/3)Germany: …but they make contact as Saxen pushes him wide… (2/3)Germany: …and Marcel takes off on the runoff area! (3/3)Indianapolis: Marcel and Patrick lining up on the gridIndianapolis: Patrick battling with Kalamees, Masciulli and LeppalaIndianapolis: Patrick closes in on Kalamees… (1/3)Indianapolis: …gets ready to make a move… (2/3)Indianapolis: …and takes the position into Turn 1! (3/3)Indianapolis: Mikko shines to climb to the podium after starting from the back of the grid!Italy: Marcel takes a slipstream off Saxen… (1/2)Italy: …and passes him round the outside into Turn 1! (2/2)Italy: Patrick has a moment under braking while defending 6th from Brljak… (1/4)Italy: …who makes a dive and turns into the corner as if he was alone… (2/4)Italy: …causing contact and Patrick's FTS-P14 to fly over the kerbing (3/4)Italy: Lots of contact caused by Brljak's collision (4/4)Italy: Before making his stop, Marcel leads the Italian GP for FTS!Australia: Marcel van der Linden on his way to the grid in Melbourne… (1/2)Australia: …on the beatiful FTS-P14 (2/2)Australia: Patrick parks the car with steering wheel issuesAustralia (Pro): Mikko takes part in a four-way battle for victory at Melbourne!Australia (Pro): Final lap, Mikko attempts to pass Kweekel for the lead… (1/2)Australia (Pro): …and takes P1 with less than a lap to go! (2/2)Australia (Pro): Mikko wins in Melbourne after coming on top of a four-way battle!Japan: Norbert has a poor start and is hit by Saxen… (1/3)Japan: …causing Patrick, who had no time to react, to collide with his team-mate… (2/3)Japan: …ending both FTS drivers' races very early (3/3)Japan (Pro): Mikko takes a bittersweet podium to secure the runner-up championship spot!USA: Toman ignores blue flags as he exits pitlane and hits Marcel… (1/2)USA: …damages his left front wing endplate and suspension (2/2)USA: Marcel has his front-wing replaced in the pitsUSA: Marcel gets ready to make a move on Boshove… (1/2)USA: …and he goes through! (2/2)USA: Marcel loses control of his damaged car