FTS 2015 Race Pictures
Australia: Norbert and Patrick start Faster Than Speed's 15th FSR season at Melbourne!Australia: Norbert pushes too hard and loses control of his FTS-P15Australia: Patrick attempts to overtake Bigazzi, who turns in and with no room for both, the pair make contactAustralia: Patrick ready to make a move on Van der Niet… (1/2)Australia: …and he completes the pass into T1! (2/2)Australia: Patrick passes Van der Niet againAustralia: Patrick picks up his first points of the season by finishing in 9th placeMalaysia: Patrick goes up the hill side by side with Martin… (1/2)Malaysia: …and completes the outside move into T4! (2/2)Malaysia: Patrick onboard the FTS-P15 at SepangMalaysia: Norbert defending from the fast Morgan MorandMalaysia: Patrick moves to the inside to make a move on Bigazzi… (1/2)Malaysia: …and makes it stick into T1! (2/2)Malaysia: Patrick overtakes Di Loreto into T4!Malaysia: Patrick leads a three-car battle for 6th in the final lapsMalaysia: Strong points for Patrick as he finishes 7th at Sepang!China: Patrick getting ready for the race at ShanghaiChina: Simon hits Patrick at the hairpin on the opening lap… (1/3)China: …spinning Patrick's FTS-P15 around… (2/3)China: …and damaging the car terminally (3/3)China: Norbert loses control of his FTS-P15… (1/2)China: …and ends his Shanghai race against the barriers (2/2)Bahrain: Norbert going into T1 at Sakhir… (1/4)Bahrain: …when Mereli hits him under braking and creates a strike involving several cars (2/4)Bahrain: Patrick is unable to avoid the car across the track and hits his team mate... (3/4)Bahrain: …leaving both FTS cars out of the race (4/4)Canada: Greco hits Patrick at the end of the opening lapCanada: Norbert going round T2 at Montreal, Patrick battles with Brewer behindCanada: Norbert riding the kerbs on his FTS-P15 at MontrealCanada: Patrick prepares an attempt to pass Brewer into T1… (1/3)Canada: …but he misjudges Brewer's braking point and taps his rear left wheel… (2/3)Canada: …ending both their races at the spot (3/3)Canada: Satherley hits Norbert before T4 after his pitstop… (1/2)Canada: …causing both cars to spin off the track (2/2)Canada: Norbert overtakes Kivala round the outside into T1Austria: Norbert overtakes Di Loreto with a tight move!Austria: Patrick prepares a move on Di Loreto into Turn 1… (1/2)Austria: …and he completes the overtake! (2/2)Austria: Patrick runs deep into the final corner… (1/4)Austria: …loses control of his FTS-P15… (2/4)Austria: …smashes the barriers… (3/4)Austria: …and ends his race on the spot, nearly missing Brewer (4/4)Germany: Guillermo just about to make his WC debut, right ahead of his team-mate NorbertGermany: Norbert spins out of T1 at Hockenheim, rejoins without damaging the carGermany: Guillermo loses control of his FTS-P15 in T1 and has to retireGermany: Norbert attempts to overtake Brewer into the hairpin… (1/3)Germany: …he is in front on the outside… (2/3)Germany: …but he goes off-track as Brewer forces him to put two wheels on the grass (3/3)Germany: Norbert retires after damaging his FTS-P15Great Britain: Eros Masciulli and Mike Partington on the first lap at SilverstoneGreat Britain: Mike Partington recovering from the back… (1/2)Great Britain: …after a first-lap incident (2/2)Great Britain: Eros Masciulli leads the British GP for FTS! (1/2)Great Britain: Before Patel retakes the lead on new tyres (2/2)Great Britain: Mike Partington overtakes Satherley at SilverstoneGreat Britain: Eros Masciulli hunts Bigazzi and Greco down until the checkered flag, finishes 7th!Italy: Victor Ivanov battles with Patel over 4th place before his first stopItaly: Norbert side-by-side with Simoncic into turn 2Italy: On fresher tyres, Victor Ivanov lines up an overtake on team-mate Nobert… (1/2)Italy: …and passes into the first chicane (2/2)Italy: Norbert finishes the race at MonzaItaly: Victor Ivanov scores his first point after a frustrating raceBelgium: Mike lines up 2nd on the grid at Spa!Belgium: Mike battles Bigazzi for 2nd on the first cornerBelgium: Norbert exits La Source and prepares for Eau RougeBelgium: Mike defends from Brzezinski into Les Combes… (1/2)Belgium: …and manages to stay ahead! (2/2)Belgium: Mike climbs into Eau Rouge at Spa!Belgium: Norbert battles closely with SaxenBelgium: Mike on his way to finishing 5th at Spa!Singapore: Mike running 3rd in the opening stages at Marina BaySingapore: Mike 2nd and hunted by Brljak in the final lap!Singapore: Mike keeps Brljak behind in the final lap at Marina BaySingapore: Mike on his way to his maiden WC podium… (1/2)Singapore: …and finishes 2nd! A penalty would later unfortunately drop him to 6th. (2/2)Japan: Satherley hits Norbert, spinning him around… (1/2)Japan: …and Norbert loses precious time rejoining the track (2/2)Japan: Norbert having a tough time at Spoon corner… (1/3)Japan: …producing a few unwanted flat-spots… (2/3)Japan: …and ending in the gravel trap. Spun at Spoon (pun intended, spin not intended) (3/3)Japan: Norbert vs Van det Niet, Part IJapan: Three-way battle between Van der Niet, Norbert and BolukbasiJapan: Norbert vs Van der Niet, Part IIJapan: Norbert attempts to overtake in the chicane on the final lap… (1/2)Japan: …but goes off track and has to give back the position (2/2)USA: Norbert prepares himself for the race at COTA, AustinUSA: Simon reenters the track while others are passing by, collects Mike and damages his front right suspensionUSA: Norbert pushing hard at COTA... (1/2)USA: …on his way to a P8 finish! (2/2)USA: Struggling with a damaged suspension, Mike loses control of his FTS-P15… (1/2)USA: …and his race ends after making contact with the barrier (2/2)USA: Norbert passes Kostadinov for 8th in the closing stages of the race!USA: Norbert finishes 8th at COTA!Brazil: Mike prepares to start FTS' final FSR race!Brazil: Norbert on Faster Than Speed's final FSR race!Brazil: Mike under pressure from Kweekel… (1/3)Brazil: …who tries a risky move… (2/3)Brazil: …and spins Mike around, damaging his FTS-P15 (3/3)Brazil: With a damaged car, Mike suffers a strange incident in the pitlane exit and retiresBrazil: Leader Brljak does not allow Norbert to unlap himself... (1/2)Brazil: …despite Norbert lapping quite a bit quicker than him (2/2)Brazil: Norbert finishing Faster Than Speed's final FSR lap… (1/2)Brazil: …as he crosses the line of our final FSR race! (2/2)