FTS 2010 Race Pictures
Patrick De Wit, Bahrain, FTS-P10Patrick De Wit, Bahrain, FTS-P10Patrick leads both SB Motorsports into Turn 1 at SakhirPatrick De Wit, Bahrain, FTS-P10Tom Aalders, Bahrain, FTS-P10Agustin Canapino, Australia, FTS-P10Agustin goes from 4th to 2nd on T1 at Melbourne!Agustin battles with Malezic on lap 1 at MelbournePatrick takes off over the anticut strip at MelbourneJoakim Bengtsson, Malaysia, FTS-P10Joakim Bengtsson, Malaysia, FTS-P10Patrick makes a brave move on Puumalainen, battles again with the SB Motorsports cars at SepangJoakim Bengtsson overtakes on the outside of T1, completes the move on T2 at SepangAgustin and Patrick battle hard at Shanghai!FTS guys fighting each other at ShanghaiAgustin pulls off a spectacular move on Greco at Shanghai…...and completes the move in the following corner, as his team-mate Patrick is aheadPatrick spins over the high kerb after being pushed wide in a battle with Poniatowski at ShanghaiHahnel clips the back of Agustin as Patrick takes evasive action at ShanghaiFTS guys fighting each other at ShanghaiPatrick overtakes Giuseppe at BarcelonaPatrick spins at BarcelonaNilsson fails to see Patrick as he exits the pits and pushes him onto the grass at BarcelonaPatrick driving in the Rally of... no! It's the Spanish GP! Luckily, he saves the car from spinning, but Euler repasses himPatrick overtakes Euler in BarcelonaPatrick De Wit, Giuseppe Marconi, FTS-P10, SpainPatrick pulls off a great move on Mikkonen at Rascasse in MonacoMikkonen crashes Patrick at Massenet…...and Patrick's hopes end in the barriers at MonacoMikkonen hits Patrick at Mirabeau in MonacoAgustin makes contact with the barrier and spins his FTS-P10 at MonacoPatrick tries to pass Santiago round the outside at Istanbul…...but fails to complete the move in the following corner, FTS guys fighting each other closely!Patrick overtakes Santi into Turn 3 at IstanbulPatrick overtaking three-wide at Istanbul!Santiago and Patrick battling at the famous Turn 8 at IstanbulPatrick overtaking Puumalainen at MontrealPatrick and Agustin battling closely in CanadaPatrick and Agustin side by side into the hairpin at CanadaPatrick and Agustin are lucky to avoid Puumalainen as he cuts across the track in a passing attempt in CanadaEuler taps the rear of Agustin's car, sending him into a slide in CanadaIncident between Agustin and Euler in Canada…...ends with Agustin taking off over the high kerbAgustin overtakes Puumalainen at ValenciaThe great defence at Valencia: Agustin vs Puumlainen, Greco and Hirrle!Hirrle brakes late and makes contact with Agustin at Valencia, Patrick goes throughAgustin exits the pitlane side by side with Hirrle at Valencia…...and passes round the outside to gain the position!Patrick locks his brakes up and makes contact with Hahnel at ValenciaSantiago Niza, Patrick De Wit, Britain, FTS-P10Casalins surprizes Patrick braking early, they make slight contact, making Patrick spin at SilverstonePatrick battles with Disley at SilverstoneMorris hits Agustin on lap 1 at HockenheimAgustin passes Morand at the exit of Hockenheim's hairpinMorand tries to pass Agustin from far behind in the entry to Hockenheim's Stadium…...but there's no space for bothDe Matos spins Agustin around at Hockenheim…...and they collide again moments later in the runoff areaPatrick shows great reflexes to avoid Tali's car spun across the Hockenheim track!Patrick loses control over the high Turn 1 kerb at Hockenheim and ends in the tyre wallPatrick overtakes Bekker at the HungaroringPatrick gets on the inside of Kerkhof at the Hungaroring…...keeps the very inside despite being squeezed…...and successfully completes the passing move!Patrick battling with Prevot at the Hungaroring, neither driver leaves room…...and they make contact, with Patrick spinning…...and slamming into the tyre barriers.Patrick makes the best out of a small error from Puumalainen and passes Kerkhof at SpaContact with Poniatowski as the German fails to see Patrick alongside and turns into him at SpaPatrick sees a small gap on the inside of Prevot at Spa's Rivage…...he gets alongside the Frenchman…...and he completes the spectacular move round the outside!Patrick again round the inside of Rivage at Spa, this time against Puumalainen…...still side by side…...and he does it again!Patrick takes 5th place at Spa!Patrick uses all the width of the track in a Monza battleThree-wide through Parabolica? Patrick, Poniatowski and Disley at MonzaPatrick leads the four-way battle with Poniatowski, Disley and Hirrle at MonzaLast lap, approaching Parabolica, Patrick tries to overtake Hirrle at Monza…...gets ahead just before the corner…...and snatches the last point by 0.033s! Phew!Patrick and Giuseppe at MonzaPatrick overtakes Saxen at Marina Bay in SingaporePatrick drives through Singapore's Anderson Bridge, past the Fullerton HotelPatrick spins over the anticut-strip while battling with Puumalainen at SingaporePatrick ends his first night race in Singapore after spinning his damaged car into the barriersRace start at Suzuka!Patrick overtaking round the outside at Suzuka!Collision for Patrick at SuzukaEngine failure ends Patrick's race at SuzukaAgustin Canapino, FTS-P10Patrick De Wit, FTS-P10