FTS 2011 Race Pictures
Bahrain: Patrick and Agustin on the first lapBahrain: Patrick and Agustin simultaneously overtake Saxen and Morris respectively!Bahrain: Both Patrick and Agustin complete their moves on Saxen and MorrisBahrain: Patrick has a small off-track excursionBahrain: Patrick battles with ParisisBahrain: Patrick vs Parisis, another attempt in a very hard battleBahrain: Patrick passes Parisis and makes it stick this time!Bahrain: Engine says enough and Patrick's Sakhir race ends up in smokeAustralia: Morand squeezes Patrick into the barriersAustralia: Dian Kostadinov prepares his move over Euler and Foht (1/4)Australia: Three-way battle between Dian, Foht and Euler... (2/4)Australia: ...Dian makes the pass through the outside... (3/4)Australia: ...and he makes it stick! (4/4)Australia: Patrick locks up and goes off-track as he struggles with damaged carAustralia: Dian is flying, literally! (1/2)Australia: Flying is one thing, landing is another (2/2)Australia: Patrick's difficult race ends this way.China: Patrick makes contact with Hirrle on Turn 1 and takes off!China: Giuseppe sandwiched by 3 cars! Slight contact with De AngelisChina: Patrick climbs from 12th to 7th on the opening lap (1/2)China: Patrick climbs from 12th to 7th on the opening lap (2/2)China: Patrick struggles with suspension damage, picks up a big slide but catches it just in time!China: Patrick again sliding off the last turn, and again, saving the car!China: Giuseppe on his way to the finish line!Turkey: Patrick ready to attack on lap 1... (1/3)Turkey: ...passing two cars through the outside... (2/3)Turkey: ...and he makes it stick! (3/3)Turkey: Euler collides with Ernesto's FTS-P11Turkey: Keithley goes off and almost collects Patrick when re-entering the track!Turkey: Last lap, Patrick starts the lap outside the points, 11th... (1/3)Turkey: ...but he goes side by side up the hill... (2/3)Turkey: ...and he makes the pass and takes the last point! (3/3)Malaysia: Patrick sets sights on Tali and Foht... (1/2)Malaysia: ...and passes both in one corner! (2/2)Malaysia: Patrick does another 2x1 opening lap move! This time on team-mates Saxen and PoniatowskiMalaysia: Patrick moves up 6 places on the opening lap!Malaysia: Ernesto ends a difficult race in the barriersMalaysia: Poniatowski makes contact with Patrick into turn 1, both cars slide but continue without further troublesMalaysia: Patrick overtakes Parisis round the outside!Malaysia: Parisis makes contact with Patrick's rear wing as he tries a last-lap move. Luckily, no harm doneSpain: Patrick challenges for the lead into Turn 1 after Qualifying 3rdSpain: Kerkhof tries a move from behind into Turn 1... (1/2)Spain: ...they make contact, Patrick slides but saves the car and remains ahead (2/2)Spain: Patrick overtakes Saxen right out of his pitstopSpain: After his unscheduled stop, Patrick makes an agressive pass on RoomSpain: Patrick passes Patel into Turn 1Spain: Patrick finishes 6th at CatalunyaMonaco: Patrick scores FTS' 2nd ever WC Pole Position! (1/2)Monaco: Patrick scores FTS' 2nd ever WC Pole Position! (2/2)Monaco: Patrick leads the field from Pole at Monte Carlo!Monaco: Patrick leads, Huis and Nilsson follow closely behindMonaco: Patrick through Monte Carlo's tunnelMonaco: Patrick on his way to the podium at Monte CarloMonaco: Patrick finishes 3rd at Monte Carlo!Canada: Patrick moves up from 8th to 6th on Turn 1Canada: Giuseppe overtakes Atze Kerkhof into the last chicane! (1/3)Canada: Kerkhof fights back braking very late, but runs into Giuseppe and spins him around (2/3)Canada: Disley has no time to react after the incident with Kerkhof and crashes into Giuseppe, ending his race (3/3)Canada: Patrick tries a move on Saxen... (1/2)Canada: ...and despite some minor contact and a slide nicely controlled by Patrick, he makes it stick! (2/2)Canada: Patrick battles with Melim for 6th... (1/4)Canada: ...gains the position through the inside into the hairpin... (2/4)Canada: ...but clips the high kerbs in the final chicane... (3/4)Canada: ...and smashes the 'Wall of Champions' metres before the finish line! (4/4)Canada: After leaving his front wing in the 'Wall of Champions', Patrick finishes in 7th place, right ahead of Saxen!Great Britain: Giuseppe clips the back of a competitor and spins his FTS-P11, gets engine damageGreat Britain: Patrick gets ready for a move on Puumalainen and Huis... (1/3)Great Britain: ...passes Puumalainen under braking... (2/3)Great Britain: ...and he's through! Patrick overtakes Huis and Puumalainen in a single corner! (3/3)Great Britain: Patrick suffers a front-left puncture at a high-speed section of the circuit... (1/2)Great Britain: ...he is unable to stop the car and his race ends after smashing the barriers (2/2)Great Britain: Giuseppe's engine gives up with 5 laps remainingGermany: Patrick needs to take avoiding actions not to run into the ATR-Silverline carGermany: Patrick slides off Turn 4... (1/3)Germany: ...and catches Keithley out, they collide and off goes Patrick's rear wing... (2/3)Germany: ...they both hit the barriers and retire from the race (3/3)Hungary: Patrick starts from his second Pole Position of the season!Hungary: Patrick leads the field into Turn 1!Hungary: Three-way battle between Patrick, Huis and Morand.Hungary: Patrick loses the back end of the car and slides off the racing line, performs a great save to avoid spinning!Hungary: Mikkonen loses control of his car right ahead of Patrick after touching the grass... (1/2)Hungary: ...and with nowhere to go, Patrick runs into him, losing front wing and damaging his suspension (2/2)Hungary: Patrick takes the last point in a difficult race after a brilliant QualifyingBelgium: Patrick starts from 4th at Spa despite lapping less than a tenth slower than the PolemanBelgium: Karim Wezenberg needs to slam on the brakes to avoid a collision in Les Combes and retires unable to prevent the engine from stallingBelgium: Patrick fights for 2nd side-by-side with Morand and MikkonenBelgium: After a great exit out of Raidillon, Patrick gets ready to make a move for 2nd on Mikkonen... (1/2)Belgium: ...and he's through! (2/2)Belgium: Patrick pushes a little too hard to catch leader Huis... (1/2)Belgium: ...he loses control of his car and smashes the barriers, ending his race (2/2)Italy: Patrick moves up 4 places into the first chicaneItaly: Patrick overtakes Lapchin on the entry to ParabolicaItaly: Patrick pushes slightly too hard exiting the second Lesmo corner... (1/2)Italy: ...he loses the car, and ends his race in the barriers (2/2)Japan: Patrick overtakes Saxen into Turn 1Japan: Patrick makes a move on Disley through the outside!Japan: Disley makes contact with Patrick from behind, sends him to the grassJapan: Patrick slides into Turn 1 before retiring from the raceAbu Dhabi: Patrick overtakes Yannick LapchinAbu Dhabi: Patrick makes a tight move on BrljakAbu Dhabi: There's light at the end of the tunnel... Patrick on Yas Marina's unique pit exitAbu Dhabi: Patrick hits the barriers and loses his front wingBrazil: Patrick makes a move on RoomBrazil: Patrick overtakes Hirrle on the opening lapBrazil: Giuseppe overtakes Blair Disley under acceleration!Brazil: Patrick loses control of his FTS-P11... (1/2)Brazil: ...and ends his season in the barriers (2/2)Brazil: Giuseppe prepares to make a move on Kostadinov... (1/2)Brazil: ...and he's through! (2/2)Brazil: Giuseppe crosses the finish line with his engine on fire!