FTS 2012 Race Pictures
Australia: Masciulli spins in front of John-Eric... (1/2)Australia: ...and with no time to react and nowhere to go, the inevitable happens (2/2)Australia: Jaakko Mikkonen goes side by side with Puumalainen... (1/2)Australia: ...and he makes it stick! (2/2)Australia: Minor contact between Jaakko Mikkonen and PuumalainenAustralia: Despite a tough race, John-Eric takes his first finish for FTSMalaysia: Varga spins Giuseppe around, ending his raceMalaysia: John-Eric battles with BrljakMalaysia: John-Eric side by side with Brljak in the pitlane exit... (1/3)Malaysia: ...he emerges ahead... (2/3)Malaysia: ...and takes the position! (3/3)Malaysia: John-Eric finishes just outside the pointsChina: Giuseppe fighting with ChatzipantelisChina: John-Eric overtakes Van der LindenChina: John-Eric battles passes Baldi into the hairpinChina: Giuseppe takes his first finish of the seasonChina: John-Eric scores his first FTS points finishing 5th at Shanghai!Monaco: John-Eric going up the hill at Monte CarloMonaco: Giuseppe through the tunnel at Monte CarloMonaco: Giuseppe loses the rear end and clips the barrier, losing his front wingMonaco: John-Eric's brakes fail... (1/2)Monaco: ...and his race is over with 4 laps remaining (2/2)Canada: John-Eric starts from 3rd at Montreal!Canada: Giuseppe overtakes Disley into Turn 2Canada: John-Eric takes the lead at Montreal as Bono Huis pits in the background!Canada: Giuseppe pushing hard at MontrealCanada: John-Eric using all the width of the track as he passes centimetres away from the Wall of ChampionsCanada: John-Eric finishes 5th at Montreal, crossing the line with the famous Salut Gilles, 30 years after Gilles' deathBritain: John-Eric goes wheel-to-wheel with Nilsson into Stowe... (1/3)Britain: ...tries an inside move... (2/3)Britain: ...and makes it stick through the outside of Club corner! (3/3)Britain: Giuseppe avoids the chaos at the Maggots & Beckets cornersBritain: Giuseppe desperately tries to avoid De Wit's stricken carBritain: John-Eric leapfrogs the ATR duo of Vandoorne and RietveldBritain: John-Eric overtakes MasciulliBritain: Giuseppe using all the track into MaggotsBritain: John-Eric finishes 5th at Silverstone!Hungary: John-Eric slows down as chaos happens ahead... (1/2)Hungary: ...and Kanitz runs into him (2/2)Hungary: Giuseppe's view of the opening lap incidentsHungary: Team-mates John-Eric and Giuseppe on their FTS-P12sHungary: John-Eric takes 9th from Muhammed PatelHungary: John-Eric finishes 9th at Hungary, crossing the line with his Finnish flag in the backgroundSpain: Varga rear-ends Masciulli... (1/3)Spain: ...collecting the cars of John-Eric and Mallorqui in the process... (2/3)Spain: ...and John-Eric ends up facing the opposite direction (3/3)Spain: Giuseppe heads to the runoff area to avoid the cars of John-Eric and Mallorqui after the incidentSpain: John-Eric and Giuseppe on their FTS-P12's at ValenciaSpain: John-Eric makes a move on KanitzSpain: John-Eric and Giuseppe at ValenciaSpain: John-Eric attacks Varga as they both get ready to pit... (1/2)Spain: ...and he pulls the move off as they dive into pitlane! (2/2)Spain: John-Eric overtakes Varga with a millimetric outside move!Belgium: John-Eric and Disley bang wheels as they get ready to go uphill into Eau Rouge at Spa!Belgium: Cooke misses his braking point and hits John-Eric's rear right tyre... (1/3)Belgium: ...before crashing heavily into Mikkonen.. (2/3)Belgium: ...and ending both his own and John-Eric's race (3/3)Belgium: Giuseppe going uphill on Eau Rouge... (1/2)Belgium: ...and he goes full throttle into Spa's Kemmel straight! (2/2)Italy: Mark Aalberts overtakes Masciulli as De Wit also looks for a way through... (1/2)Italy: ...and they go three-wide into Turn 1! (2/2)Italy: Mark Aalberts pulls off a great save after sliding off track due to suspension damageItaly: John-Eric takes avoiding action as Lapchin's car is facing the wrong way at Ascari after a colission with GosbeeItaly: John-Eric rides the kerbs at Monza!Germany: Giuseppe tries a move on Francesconi on the inside... (1/2)Germany: ...and overtakes both him and Kolarec in one move! (2/2)Germany: After a small mistake, Filosa runs into Giuseppe's car after the chicaneGermany: John-Eric pushes De Wit hard until the final cornerGermany: John-Eric finishes 5th at the Nürburgring!Germany: John-Eric onboard the FTS-P12!Japan: John-Eric overtakes into the chicane!Japan: John-Eric goes slightly wide out of Degnar 1... (1/3)Japan: ...performs a frightening 360° spin at high speed... (2/3)Japan: ...and rejoins without hitting anything with a minimal time loss! (3/3)Japan: John-Eric goes side by side with De Wit into Turn 1... (1/2)Japan: ...and makes it stick out of Turn 2! (2/2)Japan: John-Eric round the esses at SuzukaJapan: Giuseppe drives downhill into the main straight at SuzukaKorea: Zoltan Csuti makes an inside move on Muhammed PatelKorea: Zoltan Csuti spins and makes contact with WerdmullerKorea: Zoltan Csuti overtakes De Wit onboard his 200th WC GP special-liveried FTS-P12Korea: Zoltan Csuti passes Disley at YeongamKorea: John-Eric Aalberts make minor contact, dislodging his front wingKorea: John-Eric overtakes Masciulli to get into the pointsKorea: FTS' 200th World Championship GP Special Livery, driven by John-Eric SaxénKorea: John-Eric picks up points in FTS' 200th World Championship GP!Abu Dhabi: Zoltan Csuti overtakes Varga at Yas MarinaAbu Dhabi: Zoltan Csuti sees an opportunity as Gosbee and De Wit battle each other... (1/2)Abu Dhabi: ...and he squeezes through De Wit! (2/2)Abu Dhabi: John-Eric leads the race as Kalamees and Huis appear in the backgroundAbu Dhabi: John-Eric navigates the Yas Marina track during daylightAbu Dhabi: John-Eric as the night falls during the Yas Marina raceAbu Dhabi: Zoltan Csuti makes a move on LeppalaAbu Dhabi: John-Eric on his way to scoring points at Yas MarinaAbu Dhabi: John-Eric finishes 9th at Yas MarinaBrazil: Mikko overtakes Kostadinov as John-Eric is close to BaldiBrazil: Team mates Mikko and John-Eric at InterlagosBrazil: Mikko tries to squeeze himself between Baldi and the pitwall!Brazil: Mikko makes contact with Baldi into the Senna SBrazil: John-Eric passes his team mate after the incidentBrazil: John-Eric and Mikko finish 7th and 8th respectively, with less than a second between them