FTS 2013 Race Pictures
Australia: Zsolt Nagy makes contact with a wingless SimoncicAustralia: Cabo makes contact with Giuseppe, spinning his FTS-P13 around... (1/2)Australia: ...and causing him to hit the barriers and damage his car (2/2)Australia: Zsolt Nagy makes his WC debut with the FTS-P13Australia: Zsolt Nagy pulls off a great outside move on BaldiAustralia: Heartbreaking last-lap spin for Zsolt Nagy denies him points on his WC debutBahrain: Tali loses control of his car in front of Zsolt... (1/2)Bahrain: ...and with Zsolt unable to avoid him, they collide heavily, ending their races (2/2)Bahrain: Giuseppe battles with CaboBahrain: Close call between Giuseppe and Kostadinov as Varga puts pressure from behindBahrain: Giuseppe onboard the FTS-P13 at SakhirBahrain: Giuseppe's engine lets go with 3 laps to goChina: Eduard Mallorqui overtakes Varga over the outside!China: Eduard leads a 4-way battle with Tali, Kostadinov and NilssonChina: Eduard makes a move on Kostadinov!China: Giuseppe attacking the kerbs at ShanghaiChina: Eduard attempting to pass De Wit and Gosbee in the closing lapsChina: Eduard finishes 6th at Shanghai!Monaco: Zsolt Nagy and Giuseppe Marconi into Saint Devote at Monte CarloMonaco: Chain-colission between several cars into the Grand Hotel hairpin... (1/3)Monaco: ...unable to react in time, Giuseppe runs into Zsolt... (2/3)Monaco: ...and Lapchin crashes into the rear of Giuseppe's car. First-lap Monaco chaos (3/3)Monaco: Zsolt makes an outside move on Rondon out of the tunnel... (1/2)Monaco: ...and he makes it stick into Nouvelle Chicane! (2/2)Canada: Giuseppe overtakes Masciuli into Turn 3Canada: Giuseppe Marconi and Thomas Mundy on their FTS-P13sCanada: Giuseppe clips the kerb and hits the famous Wall of ChampionsCanada: Thomas slides off at Turn 3... (1/2)Canada: ...and ends his race in the wall (2/2)Great Britain: Chris de Jong overtakes Lapchin at the end of the opening lap!Great Britain: Chris passes Puschke into Stowe on lap 2!Great Britain: Chris makes yet another overtaking move, this time, over Baldi, again at Stowe!Great Britain: Cabo hits Giuseppe at the arena section, causing him to spinGreat Britain: Giuseppe ends his race in the barriers after a strange incident at the exit of Club cornerGreat Britain: Chris repasses Disley during their fierce battle!Great Britain: Chris de Jong on his first race on the FTS-P13Germany: Chris overtaking several cars in the opening corners!Germany: Chris passes Disley at Nurburgring's hairpin!Germany: Giuseppe and Chris very, very close to each other during the Nurburgring raceGermany: Collision between Chris and Cabo ends both their racesGermany: Giuseppe going up the hill at NurburgringHungary: Zoltan Csuti overtakes Cabo into the high-speed Turn 3!Hungary: Zoltan passes Masciulli into turn 2!Hungary: Zoltan overtakes Boshove as Kalamees charges hard from behindHungary: Giuseppe drives the chicane at the HungaroringHungary: Zoltan takes off the high kerb on the FTS-P13Hungary: Zoltan defends from Van der Linden to take the final point for FTS!Europe: Danny lines up next to Zsolt to overtake Kolarec... (1/3)Europe: ...makes a move on the inside... (2/3)Europe: ...and overtakes both his team-mate and Kolarec in one move! (3/3)Europe: Zsolt retakes position from team-mate DannyEurope: Zsolt and Danny battling a litlte too closely...Europe: Danny withstood pressure from Disley for several lapsEurope: Lapchin defends from Zsolt aggressively by pushing him off trackItaly: Cabo makes a slow start, causing Chris to touch his rear left wheel and dislodge his front wing... (1/3)Italy: ...Giuseppe slams his brakes to avoid a collision... (2/3)Italy: ...and Varga, who also had to avoid Rondon's slow start, is unable to react in time and runs into Giuseppe (3/3)Italy: Chaos at the second chicane, with cars stranded across the track. Chris has no time to react and collides with SchnyderItaly: Giuseppe rides the kerbs at MonzaItaly: A technical issue causes Giuseppe to spin and hit the barriers, before being collected by GodekJapan: Giuseppe takes avoiding action to prevent getting involved in a collision ahead... (1/2)Japan: ...Chris is unable to avoid him and dislodges his front wing against his team-mate (2/2)Japan: Giuseppe drives by the Suzuka famous Ferris wheelJapan: Giuseppe finishes 8th at Suzuka and returns to the WC points after 6 years!Japan: Giuseppe attacks the hairpin... (1/2)Japan: ...on his way to 8th at Suzuka! (2/2)Korea: Carlos overtakes Alex DiazKorea: Diaz attempts to repass Carlos, by making contact... (1/3)Korea: ...and as they go side by side, Diaz shuts the door... (2/3)Korea: ...and collides with Carlos, terminally damaging his car (3/3)Korea: Giuseppe drives the FTS-P13 at YeongamKorea: Carlos on his first WC race for FTS at YeongamSingapore: Danny goes through the Anderson BridgeSingapore: Giuseppe drives the FTS-P13 at Marina BaySingapore: Giuseppe attacks the kerbs at Marina BaySingapore: Collision between Kolarec and Danny damages the FTS carSingapore: Danny finishes the night race at Marina BayAbu Dhabi: Martin Gosbee overtakes CsutiAbu Dhabi: Giuseppe makes a move on Blair DisleyAbu Dhabi: Giuseppe passes under the bridge at Yas MarinaAbu Dhabi: Martin passes Mallorqui into the hairpinAbu Dhabi: Martin makes another tight move on MallorquiAbu Dhabi: Martin overtakes Gergo BaldiAbu Dhabi: Giuseppe under the lights at Yas MarinaAbu Dhabi: Giuseppe onboard the FTS-P13 at a twilight Yas MarinaAbu Dhabi: Martin finishes 5th for FTS at Yas Marina!Brazil: Van der Linden ends Giuseppe's season in the first cornerBrazil: Carlos makes a move on Disley!Brazil: Carlos puts up a fight with Puschke and Mallorqui!Brazil: Carlos overtakes Boshove into turn 1!Brazil: With a damaged car, Carlos struggles with the rear of his FTS-P13 into the Senna SBrazil: That's not the right way to overtake, Mr. CaboBrazil: Carlos finishes at Interlagos, ending Faster Than Speed's 2013 season