15 years of Faster Than Speed

On March 4th, 2001, Faster Than Speed made its debut on the World Championship's inaugural race at Melbourne. The dream of the first professional simracing league was a reality and FTS was one of its founding teams. FTS remained the only active team to take part in all of Formula SimRacing's first 15 seasons.

15 years of beautiful cars

The aggressive-looking FTS cars were always among the best designs in the field. Featuring its iconic mean panther over black and red colours, often with a yellow tint, our liveries were characteristically striking. Designers such as Ernesto De Angelis, Ireneusz Ciaglo and Ant Carlos have created these truly pieces of art.

15 years of unforgettable moments

The 15 seasons of Faster Than Speed in FSR left many unforgettable moments in our memories. Our first online constructors' title in 2005, the double championship glory by Faisal Niazi and Christian Smirnoff in 2006, or our first double title with Florian Pechon in 2008. The World Championship podiums and obviously, our maiden World Championship victory by Patrick De Wit in the 2007 Turkish GP, among many others to remember.

15 years of rich history

Faster Than Speed is not only one of the longest standing and most prestigious teams in the simracing scene, it also has a rich history of success. Over its 15 seasons of FSR action, FTS has conquered 5 online championship titles, over 35 race victories and well over a hundred podium finishes. It is also a race-winning World Championship team, scoring 11 podiums and 3 poles at FSR's top division. Our characteristic team spirit, however, is what makes us even prouder. FTS has become a family, a passionate group of friends that competed at the highest level while having fun together.

Faster Than Speed
2005 FSR WS Ace
Christian Smirnoff
2006 FSR WS Ace
Faisal Niazi
2006 FSR WS Pro
Florian Pechon
2008 FSR WS Adv
FTS Advanced
2008 FSR WS Adv
15 years of epic launches

At the start of each season, one of the most awaited moments was always the launch of the new campaign, unveiling Faster Than Speed's cars and lineups. Stunning cars, epic music and emotional moments were a trademark of our spectacular HD launch videoclips. Turn your volume up and enjoy them!

15 years of fantastic drivers

Gorgeous cars don't drive on their own, do they? Throughout our 15 FSR seasons, over 115 drivers have raced our panther beasts. From Gjermund Higraff and Alan Bryson, the ones who started the journey on that distant March 2001 to our most recent lineups. From Patrick De Wit, who wrote an important page of our history by taking our maiden WC victory to our World Series champions: Florian Pechon, Faisal Niazi and Christian Smirnoff. From Giuseppe Marconi, the driver who represented FTS in 126 GPs to those who just had a single chance, but still gave their all to try to leave a mark on the team's history.